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One of the most important parts of a swimming pool pump system is the filter. Obviously, the pool pump filter is responsible for the removal of dirt, bugs, leaves and other debris that would otherwise make your pool unusable. That static nature of pools means that the water sits and collects what the wind brings. As time goes on, the water becomes unappealing, or even unhealthy to swim in.

This is where your pool filter comes in. With great efficiency, it remove particulates that contaminate your swimming pool. Today, there are as many different kinds of pool filters as there are different swimming pool pumping systems, and using the correct one for your system is key to an energy efficient system.



Pool Filter Tips for the Polaris®



In Moonlight's opinion, the Polaris® 280 Automatic Pool Cleaner is an excellent product and can make your swimming pool maintenance routines much easier and less time consuming. But you can't just throw the pool sweep in your pool and forget about it. In order to take full advantage of your Polaris® 280 pool sweep you will need to keep an eye on its operations and keep up on maintaining it properly. Simply put, when it stops doing a good job cleaning your pool, it needs attention. Following is a summary of the most common problems with the Polaris® 280 pool cleaner.



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